Canada is a key world market for any business, with a dynamic economy focusing on a diverse range of industries ranging from logging, oil and gas extractions, major food and manufacturing plants to entertainment software. If your business wants to take advantage of this marketplace, it will very likely need to hire employees in Canada. Our course covers all the basics any payroll professional needs to know if operating in Canada, whether they are responsible for local colleagues running payroll for the company in country or if they are responsible for managing an outsourcer provider.

Attendees will be able to accurately follow a simple pay calculation, and should be able to identify all of the key items on a payslip produced. You will also be able to:

• Identify all key deadlines
• Understand the penalty regimes and the consequences of getting it wrong
• Have a detailed understanding of the scope of service you are purchasing from an outsource partner
• Identify what information you need to pass to the outsource partner and why you have to provide it

Course content

• Canada Revenue Agency structure
• Registration process
• Payroll Program Account
• SIN Numbers
• Personal Tax Credits – how they work
• Form TD1 – employer obligations
• Provincial forms – Quebec TP-1015
• Calculating taxable pay
• Valuing BIK – cars etc
• Using tax tables to calculate Federal and Provincial tax
• On-line tax calculator – how to use
• One-off payments and variations on tax calculation
• Role of ESDC
• CPP calculations
• Thresholds and exemptions
• CPP liability for non resident employers
• Reciprocal Social security Agreements
• Employment Insurance calculations
• Employer reductions in Employment Insurance – how to achieve this
• Record of Employment details – insurable hours, earnings etc
• PIER reviews
• Provincial details – eg Quebec, QPP, QPIP etc
• Paying remittances to CRA
• Penalty regime
• Starter and Leaver procedures
• Year End procedures
• T4 and T4 Summary submissions
• Record keeping requirements
• Canada Labour Code
• Vacation and public holiday pay
• Sickness, Maternity and Parental leaves
• Minimum wage
• Notice periods

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