Payroll implementation, software specialist and consultant


Technical Skills:
Qualified UK payroll professional with 24 years experience of all aspects of payroll management. Holder of UK Certificate of Payroll Proficiency and Irish Payroll Technicians Certificate. Particular specialism is the field of International Payroll covering all aspects of inpatriate, expatriate and local overseas payroll processing. Examples of services provided:

  • International Payroll health checks covering all aspects of compliance and best practice. A recent health check resulted in a £130,000 employers NIC refund being obtained from HMRC
  • Design and implementation of tax equalisation schemes
  • Design and implementation of Short Term Business Visitor Schemes
  • Design and implementation of Modified PAYE and NIC schemes
  • Design and implementation of Net of Foreign Tax Credit Relief schemes
  • Research reports for companies planning to send employees to new jurisdictions
  • Implementation of local payroll solutions – recent projects include payrolls in Ireland, Norway, Denmark and New Zealand
  • Consultancy advice and management of payroll tenders seeking international payroll services on a real/shadow basis
  • Design and implementation of global mobility policies
  • Drafting of suitable contacts and secondment agreements for expatriate employees
  • Advice on mobility tax efficient packages
  • Temporary payroll management assignments undertaken for positions that require specialist international payroll knowledge
  • Management of social security certificates

Consultant can work on a world- wide basis, and regularly travels globally. Based in Milton Keynes, UK

Systems experience:
UNI2000, HRWorks, SAP, Oracle, QTAC, Cloud Pay, Ace Payroll (New Zealand)

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