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Global Payroll Strategy Consultants


Technical Skills:
Our consultants are experienced, former Global and Regional Payroll Owners, with 30 years’ experience in large, multi-national companies. We will conduct an independent review to assess your payroll process, and its context within the overall business, and work with you to develop an implementable strategy for your country, regional or global payroll process. Our consultants will assess your current framework of control across your global payroll organisation, and recommend an appropriate Governance model to manage risk across your end to end payroll process. Examples of services provided:

  • Detailed assessment of the ‘as is’ payroll process and delivery model
  • Review of potential transformation opportunities
  • Creation of an end to end global payroll delivery strategy, with key design principles
  • Creation of roadmap to transform
  • Creation of Request for Proposal
  • Define and allocate payroll ownership roles and responsibilities
  • Design a management system to give you visibility and assurance on payroll risk management across all your affiliates
  • Develop appropriate best practice for your payroll standards, rules, policies and measurements
  • Design and conduct payroll process control assessment reviews

Consultants can work on a global basis.

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