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International Payroll Day – Putting Payroll on the Map.

Get together with the Global Payroll Association on 4 May 2017 to celebrate the world’s first International Payroll Day.

This historic occasion is intended to bring the global and in-country payroll community together to honour our valuable achievements around the world and reflect our growing strategic importance to the business.

As a result, we at the GPA will be holding a series of three ground-breaking webinars and panel discussions to mark this special event. These comprise:

Tackling cultural difference

• Eradicate cultural misunderstandings from the workplace.
• Ensure that colleagues treat each other with mutual understanding and respect.
• Make the office a better, happier place to work.

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Top tips on how to recruit outstanding payroll talent

• Developing a proactive recruitment process
• Measuring the correct metrics
• Benefits of a bespoke candidate engagement strategy
• Attract the top 15% of talent
• Maximising recruitment ROI.

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How to ensure payroll is at the forefront of strategic decision-making.

• Ensure senior leaders understand the strategic importance of payroll
• Use employee data to help elevate payroll’s standing within the business
• Earn payroll a seat on the board.

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Or get involved by taking The Big Payroll Quiz of the Year

To celebrate the first International payroll day, the Global Payroll Association has launched the Big Payroll Quiz of the Year 2017.

Do you or your team have what it takes to be the most knowledgeable payroll person/team of 2017?

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But it doesn’t stop here as there are also amazing prizes to be won. Spend a minute taking a couple of snaps and the best view from the office window will gain its just reward, download the printable International Payroll Day flag and make sure it is featured in your photograph. There is even a booby prize for the silliest entry, so put your thinking caps on, whip out those cameras, and above all, have fun.


Download the International Payroll Day Flag here


Or get involved by changing your Linkedin profile picture to the ‘International Payroll Day’ logo


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Did you know? Why not tell your colleagues in other departments a bit about the payroll team?

Download the attached poster and let your colleagues know more about your department

A few suggestions:

• We process a payroll in xx countries
• We speak xx languages in the payroll team
• We process payrolls in xx sites/countries
• We deal with xxx individuals around the world
• We are responsible for xx tax laws
• We have an effective transactional processing rate of ______% which is +/- ______against the industry standard, Sigma Level 4.25, as having a 99.73% error free rate
• Our super power is!

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