Update your diary with the latest payroll events.

Find out about the latest, headlining global payroll events, including seminars, conferences, webinars with the latest news and networking events.

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Get a ‘heads up’ on global public payroll and HR courses.

Stay up-to-date with payroll and HR public courses run by companies and expert trainers around the world, from training sessions for one to conferences to 1,000.

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Access our exclusive webinars.

Watch our topical webinars, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

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In House

Book your bespoke in-house payroll courses.

We’ll send our payroll experts to you anywhere in the world. View a list of payroll and HR courses that can be facilitated and run by the GPA at your office or a venue anywhere in the world.

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Virtual Training

Learn payroll from the comfort of your own office.

Remote classes available for in-country payroll training, join our payroll experts online as they take you through the process of running a payroll in several countries.

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E-learning Library

Our subscription only E-learning Library.

Here subscribers can access all our experienced E-learning tools.

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