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CPD Qualification Hours: 6

An introduction to UK expenses and benefits

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There are many changes for the current tax year and we are already aware of changes for future years. So its important that employers ensure their procedures and systems are fit for purpose for the tax years 2016/17 and 2017/18.

Expenses and benefits are a complex area and can be even more emotive than pay since everyone has their own idea of what they should or shouldn’t be able to claim tax free. And what’s more the regulations that govern these expenses and benefits often change as does the reporting and so when HMRC undertakes compliance reviews this area is seen as quick wins since few employers get it right every time.

There are a number of changes, which impact PAYE Settlement Agreements and P11Ds, payrolling benefits, and salary sacrifice. And so it is important for all employers to understand these changes in both the treatment of payments and the reporting requirements.

In this course not only will you learn about the complexities surrounding expenses and benefits and have confidence in managing the payments and reporting and any future liabilities you will also have a full understanding of the changes for the current and future years.

You should come away from with this course understanding:

• Legislative and reporting requirements
• Payrolling benefits
• Salary sacrifice including the changes
• PAYE settlement agreements including the changes
• P11Ds
• Overview of expenses and benefits
• Employer provided accommodation
• Assets
• Bicycles and bike to work schemes
• Business mileage using own vehicle
• Car parking and parking spaces
• The difference between business and personal expenses
• Round sum allowances
• Bonuses including non cash bonuses
• Clothing and uniforms
• Company cars and fuel
• Pool cars
• Shared cars
• Leased cars
• Company vans and fuel
• Computers
• Congestion charge
• Credit, debit and charge cards
• Childcare
• Employee suggestion schemes
• Gifts
• Home and mobile phones
• Homeworking
• Personal incidental overnight expenses
• Employee beneficial loans
• Long service awards
• Medical and dental insurance
• Employee assistance schemes and counseling
• Relocation
• Business and staff entertainment including social functions
• Gifts and awards including third parties
• Travel including oyster cards
• Trivial benefits
• Vouchers
• The interaction between tax and NICs treatment and where payments have to be processed through the payroll
• Record keeping
• Useful links

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Course Dates
05th October 2017 – London, UK
18th October 2017 – Chicago, USA
07th December 2017 – London UK

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