UK Essentials: Introduction to payroll processing (2 day course)

This comprehensive two day course is aimed to give an understanding of payroll sufficient enough to process payrolls and have confidence that no steps will be missed. It will cover core payroll skills such as calculating gross pay, statutory deductions and other areas such as court orders, voluntary deductions and salary sacrifice. You will gain an understanding of how payroll interacts with internal and external customers and suppliers.

It is aimed at those completely new to the industry, or those who have has a long break and need a complete refresher on the current system.

You should come away from the course understanding:

  • The build to gross pay
  • Tax and NI deductions
  • What counts as earnings including an introduction to benefits in kind
  • Different types of deductions and legal limitations
  • General process for starters and leavers
  • Real Time Information
  • Auto Enrolment
  • The basics of Statutory Leave and Payments
  • The end to end process of running a payroll

Throughout the day there will be lots of opportunity to test what you’re learning through interactive exercises.

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