UK Essentials: Operational and strategic management

If you are a newly promoted manager, or feel you could benefit from some development in your management skills, this 2 day course is for you.

This not only gives you some insight into management techniques around project and change management, it will also cover continuous improvement and high performing teams.

You will gain the tools necessary to align your goals to your organisations, lead through change and complete projects, however big or small, successfully, professionally and develop your team into high performers who are highly motivated and always seeking to improve on the existing processes.

Day 1 will focus on strategic, project and change management training, whilst day 2 will focus ion the remaining subjects.

You should come away from this course understanding:

  • What strategic management is
  • How to align your strategies
  • How to build a strategy map, mission and values statements
  • How to lead through projects and change
  • Continuous improvement
  • How to build and lead a high performing team
  • Skills gaps – how to assess them and how to close them
  • The art and importance of delegation

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